G's Top 6 Curlture Maintenance Tips

1) Satin Bonnet or Pillowcase- avoids hair breaking friction, supports retention of moisture and preservation of style

2) Avoid Over Fluffing- lightly reviving a style with fingers is great but over fluffing can shorten the life of the curly style. Instead, allow your style to gain volume on its own. Enjoy each day.

3) Cream Based Moisturizer- switch out the water bottle or refresher spray for a cream moisturizer. Focus on the mid-shaft and ends. Remember, a little goes a long way. 

4) Small Sections- apply styler(s) in smaller subsections. This ensures all of the kinks and curls receive attention allowing your style to last longer and be consistent. This also lends to product control. 

5)  Trims- regular trims will lend to length retention,  moisture retention, longevity of styles and overall health of your strands.

6) Avoid Humidity- yes, this means a shower cap is still needed. Wetting or steaming hair on a daily basis will cause the strands to dump out all of the moisture put  in on wash day. This is called Hygral Fatigue (yes there's a name for that!)  Instead of reaching for the spray bottle, opt for tip #3.